February 15, 2009

February 2009

First blog post of the new year needs new year goals: Publish, launch my latex website, travel across the pond, one minute static handstand,  free-standing handstand push-up, learn the front lever, learn the planche, bodyweight overhead squat, and deadlift 2x bodyweight. I think the hardest one will be the bodyweight overhead squat. I'm only 1/3rd of the way there. Regardless, it should be a good year for firsts.

Those are mostly physical goals because that is where a lot of my learning has been coming in the last few months. Crossfit has been keeping me busy. I've also been messing with my diet over the last couple months. I gave up flour and sugar for about a month and I noticed a profound change in my cravings and how food tasted. Working on a paper ruined my diet, but I am getting back into it. I love the evenness of energy throughout the day, and the real lack of craving for empty calories that comes after a few weeks of torture and overcoming extremely strong cravings for these foods.

Things I've learned in the last few months: Most running shoes make you run incorrectly.  The Nike Free 3.0 is the best shoe I've ever worn. How to perform a muscle-up. In Defense of Food and Predictably Irrational are awesome books. The Paleolithic Diet and Crossfit are good if you want abs. All of the lyrics to Shakira's Inevitable

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