October 14, 2008

October 2008

Eurotrip.gifI hate my car, but somehow, whenever I drive it, I have a good time still. This year I drove it from Orlando to San Jose, and back. It overheated about 40 miles outside of Orlando on the way there. I pulled it over, let it cool down, added some water, and drove on. I didn't have any problems through the rest of the trip.

On the way back to Orlando, I stopped off in Vegas. Between San Jose and Vegas it was dark, and I was driving on a state highway past some dark fields, basically alone on the road. I had my one car window that still works rolled down, and the sunroof open with the stars overhead. I don't know what was growing in those fields, but the smell was fantastic. If the A/C in my car worked I probably would have sat in my car oblivious of what I was driving through, with no connection to what was outside of it. I'm always driving my shitty car around with my one window rolled down, as comfortable as can be. 

I had a somewhat similar experience this past week. Instead of being "uncomfortable" in my car, I had to run in a heavy downpour in the dark about 800m from the gym to my office. Some of the way was covered with ankle-deep muddy water, and by the time I reached my office I was predictably soaked. I then rode my bike from my office to home, with the rain still as heavy as ever. I was pretty scared about getting nailed by a car on the way home, but I somehow made it. It was probably the most fun I have had in some time. 

If you don't let yourself get inconvenienced every once in awhile, things can be pretty boring and predictable. There are some nice surprises even in shitty circumstances.

Other than that, I have just been working and working out. I'm enjoying being the sweatiest guy in the gym, and I'm pretty excited about working towards doing some gymnastics moves eventually. It is nice to have goals to work towards and a lot of techniques to practice. I'm pretty boring beyond that. I have been coding more, and actually writing entries for this site which is always enjoyable.

Next time I blog will probably be after the election, so go Obama! It would be nice to have a president who is smarter than us again. That other guy is a tool, and the lady he is running with is a nut. I really hope that those two don't represent the best the Republican party has to offer this country. I really cannot understand why people are scared of Obama becoming president when you have McCain/Palin as the alternative. 

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