September 25, 2008

Shaping Up

spanky1.jpgI think I'm a tinkerer. I started with a shit design, and just slowly changed it until it didn't look like shit anymore, and now I am happy with it. The banner image is of the Great Salt Lake and--I think--Antelope Island. I stole it off of the internet, but had to Photoshop a dog out of it that was right in the middle, so this particular version of the image is quite unique. I'll find a picture that I have taken that is suitable, but in the meantime I like the Great Salt Lake.

So it hasn't been big recently, but a year or so ago the militant Atheists like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins had a fair share of press. I have archived a few good reads that I think you should read if you are interested in religious freedom, or even religion in general.

Rational Atheism, by Michael Shermer
This first letter is something I read in Scientific American when I still had a subscription. Michael Shermer, a scientist and skeptic has a regular column in said magazine. He is basically calling on militant atheists to focus their educational efforts on what is truly important.

This second article discusses how the label "atheist" is not a productive one. Sam Harris imagines a world without religion, and in this world, the inhabitants are not all atheists, because such a concept no longer exists. So if the desire of many atheists is to rid the world of religious superstition and irrationality, then proclaiming oneself as an atheist is in fact contrary to this goal.

This last letter is more current. It addresses Ben Stein's movie Expelled, and how it is a terribly inaccurate and misleading film (Michael Shermer probably has the most interesting review, as he was interviewed for the movie). This particular letter exposes the disgusting lengths that intelligent design proponents will go to hang onto their personal worldview.

And if all of this evolution and atheism talk is too serious for you, look what I found on youtube: Spanky.

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